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1979-1993 5-Lug Front Brake Kit: 13" Rotors - Stock Spindle (modification kit available)

1979-1993 5-Lug Front Brake Kit: 13" Rotors - Stock Spindle (modification kit available)

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Brake Kit

Download Brake Kit Instructions HERE

Download Wheel Fitment HERE

Our complete foxbody Cobra 5-lug 13" brake kit, designed to be used with your stock 1979-93 V8 spindles. With this kit you get Cobra brakes that you can use with your 5-lug 17" wheels, or earlier 5-lug wheels designed for a fox, or if you are not looking to change over to SN95 spindles.

Kit includes:

  • Cobra calipers
    • Dual 1.5" pistons & NEW anodized aluminum bodies
  • Cobra anchor brackets
  • Brake pads
  • 13" slotted, drilled and zinc plated rotors
  • Braided brake hoses
  • Aluminum hubs
    • 5-lug, races and studs installed
  • Bearings


Need to modify your spindles? We have you covered with our 1979-93 Foxbody Mustang Spindle Modification Kit.

New revised kit that will allow you to modify your own spindles.


  • (x2) 5/16-18 x .750 bolts
  • (x2) Alignment bushings for 5/16-18 x .750 bolts
  • (x1) 27/64 Cobalt drill bit
  • (x1) 1/2-13 UNC hand tap

Recommended supplementary items:

  • Appropriately sized tap wrench
  • Appropriate corded or cordless drill
  • Appropriate cutting fluid
  • Corded or cordless reciprocating saw with a metal blade OR
  • Corded or cordless angle grinder/circular saw with metal cutoff blade

You might ask why did we change this popular kit? Clean, good, usable 1987-93 spindle cores are getting harder and harder to find and much more expensive. 

This kit was developed for the end user to modify their spindle.  This does not require the spindle to be removed from the car (it can be, but not necessary).

What is required?

  • A tool to cut the spindle (factory ears will be removed)
  • Drill and tap: recommended but not required.
    • We sell a separate install kit (1979-93 Foxbody Mustang Spindle Modification Kit) that with all the pieces to make install easier, including a fixture/locator to drill the spindle.

Look over the instructions and pictures carefully.

Download Spindle Modification Kit Instructions HERE

The modification is not hard to do, and someone with simple mechanical skills can do them, but we want you to be aware of what you need to do before getting the kit.

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