• What is a Fox Body?  Well we assume being on our page you already know this, but a Fox was an automobile platform designation from Ford.  It is a rear wheel drive, unibody platform that covered 79-93.  We love it because of the Mustang, but hey... all Foxes are cool!
  • What is SN95?  This is the forth generation Mustang platform, this is for years 94-04
  • If this is a Fox site, why are there so many SN95 parts listings? Plain and simple SN95 parts are an easy and simple way to convert your Fox to 5 lug, and parts are easily accessible.  On the Mustang it is so common that customers use later model wheels, and if this is done it is best to use a SN95 spindle.
  • What SN95 spindle should I use?  We recommend 94-95 spindles.  The 96-04 spindle had a different steering arm due to the addition of the modular motor.  This can vary if you have an aftermarket K-member, so always good to check with the manufacture of the K-member you have.
  • What are some of the difference from Fox to SN95 spindles? The Fox spindle is a traditional "pin" spindle and uses a normal side on hub (that was part of the factory rotor on the stock brake systems).  The benefit of aftermarket hubs (like listed on our site), is they feature quality bearings and are fully rebuild-able (no longer part of the rotor).  The Fox spindle is harder to install aftermarket brakes and requires modification.  The SN95 spindle is a simple bolt on to the Fox control arms as the taper of the ball joint is the same.  The SN95 uses a sealed bearing pack (no longer serviceable).
  • What should I purchase a brake system for a Fox Spindle or SN95?  Much of this is dictated on the wheels you are planning to use?  If you are using a later SN95 wheel on a Fox, the best choice is to use an SN95 spindle.  The SN95 hub has a much shorter snout.  If you try to use a Fox hub on an SN95 wheel many times it will push the dust cap out of the wheel, or require a spacer to install the wheel (many times .375 to .500")
  • Does SN95 spindles widen track?  We have taken measurements on the 94-95 and it is very minor, .125" per side.
  • What does axle stand-off mean? This is a term for the rear, and is also called brake space.  This is the measurement from the front face of the housing end, to the front face of the axle flange.  This measurement insures that the caliper will line up over the rotor.  Ford changed track width in the rear of many cars by using longer axles.  Here are some common axle stand-off measurements.  Fox 2.5", SN95 3.25", SVO/Saleen 3.75".
  • What is a "3 port" master?  The 87-93 has a 3 port master stock.  If you look at the bottom of the master it has a hardline that comes up from the bottom.  When converting to a different master (due to a brake upgrade), you will need to convert to a standard 2 port configuration.  We have a simple, direct bolt on to make this happen!

We are always adding to the FAQ!  Email us questions and we can add them!