About Foxbody Brakes

Why choose us? Because Quality Matters.

We are Fox body enthusiasts that enjoy all things Fox Mustang. Over the years working on the 79-93 cars we have gathered a large amount of brake knowledge and now want to offer it to the masses. Anything from caliper rebuild parts, to complete brake kits we plan to add it all.

Our store consists of many later model (SN95) Cobra components as these are easy, cost effective ways to upgrade a Fox to 5 lug with modern brakes. We offer brake kits and parts for every variety of Fox from 79-86, 87-93, 4 lug, 5 lug, Fox spindle, SN95 spindle, SVO and Saleen. 

If you don't see it ASK!  We most likely can get it, or can help with it. Our site is designed around parts that we work with everyday and have in stock. We do not list parts just to wait for your order then figure out how to ship it.

We pride ourselves on quick, complete shipping!

Due to this being a small business, and us offering the deepest discounts possible we currently only can be contacted be email. Email us with questions we will get back to you very quickly!

Thanks for the support!